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Butterflies - Small Heath (Coenonympha pamphilus)

The Small Heath rarely settles more than a meter above ground. They are most often seen flying low to the ground among grass in sunshine. It always settles with Its wings closed as shown in the photo right. Adult butterflies may be seen continuously from late April to September on some sites in southern England but numbers peak throughout the UK in July and August.

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Fescues (Festuca spp.)
Meadow-grasses (Poa spp.)
Bents (Agrostis spp.).

This species occurs on grassland where there are fine grasses, especially in dry, well-drained situations where the sward is short and sparse. Populations occur in many other locations including roadside verges, waste ground, woodland rides and glades, moorland, and parkland.

Resident in Warwickshire.

Bishops Hill
Kingsbury Colliery Spoilheap
Baddesley Ensor
Windmill Hill, Nuneaton

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Flight Chart
The flight chart below is based on observations of the adult Small Heath butterfly in Warwickshire between 2005 and 2008. Peak periods are shown in dark green.

Small Heath Flight Chart

Distribution Maps

Small Heath - 2011 records / distribution. Small Heath - 2010 records / distribution. Small Heath - 2000 to 2009 records / distribution.
2011 (1yr) 2010 (1yr) 2000-09 (10yr)

Small HeathSmall Heath © Debbie Hibbitt

Annual First Sightings
First sighting dates are based on records of Small Heath submitted online. Please note that these dates are not updated retrospectively to include records submitted to the branch recorder in other forms.

19/05/2018 Kingsbury Colliery Spoilheap

07/05/2017 Kingsbury/Bubbenhall

16/05/2016 Land near Spernal Farm, nr Studley

12/05/2015 Nr Bannams Wood

15/05/2014 Purley Quarry

27/05/2013 Lea Marston

14/05/2012 Lighthorne Quarry

22/04/2011 Bishops Hill

15/05/2010 Bishops Hill

06/05/2009 Kingsbury Colliery Spoilheap

13/05/2008 Lea Marston Lake Old Quarry Site

05/05/2007 Baddesley Ensor

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