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Warwickshire Species and Landscape Champions

Butterfly Conservation has established a network of Species and Landscape Champions across the country through the Butterfly Conservation Branch network.

Species Champions have traditionally been professional entomologists who have studied a particular species at university. However, the ever increasing Butterfly Conservation network of volunteer observers has been recognized as being increasingly important. Field naturalist such as Matthew Oates, Stephen Jephcote and many others have added greatly to our knowledge by sometimes challenging the findings of earlier research.

Landscape Champions tend to be local people who know the habitats and key sites on their patch intimately. Local knowledge is vitally important when conserving butterflies and their habitats. Landscape Champions are seen as being vitally important in the early detection of habitat change and species loss.

Your local butterflies need you!
Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire is looking for local people who have an interest in any of the species listed in the table right who are willing to observe them in the wild and/or look for their immature stages.

Training where necessary will be given on a one to one or small group basis. If there are other species not on the list which you would like to study please contact Mike Slater. With your help, we are more likely to discover something new or be able confirm observations made elsewhere.

As Conservation Officer, Mike Slater will act as overall species champion for all species in Warwickshire but we need as many volunteers as possible to help with field observations and research.

Species Champions

Brown Hairstreak - Gillian Thompson
Dark Green Fritillary - Debbie Cheshire
Dingy Skipper - Keith Warmington
Green Hairstreak - Steven Cheshire
Grizzled Skipper - Phil Parr
Purple Emperor - Terry Southgate
Purple Emperor - Richard Lamb
Silver-washed Fritillary - Steven Cheshire
Small Blue - Mike Slater
White Admiral - John Liggins
White-letter Hairstreak - Keith Warmington
Wood White - Phil Parr

Landscape Champions

Southam Grasslands (Southam) - Glyn Clarke
Southam Grasslands (Kineton) - Dave Sollis
Great Central Railway & Spoilbanks - Phil Parr
Princethorpe Woodlands - Mike Slater
South Western Grasslands - VACANT
Post Industrial Habitats (N. Warks) - Keith Warmington
Post Industrial Habitats (Nuneaton) - Steven Cheshire
Sutton Park - VACANT
Whichford/Wolford Woods - VACANT