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Moths - Grey Dagger (Acronicta psi)

The Grey Dagger gets its common name from the black dagger-like markings on the forewings. It is important to note that it is impossible to tell by the markings alone from that of the Dark Dagger (A. tridens). Only microscopic examination of the genitalia can confirm the identity of the adult moths. The caterpillars of the Grey Dagger and Dark Dagger are however quite different.

The Grey Dagger flies between June and August. It is common throughout England, Wales and Ireland, becoming scarcer in Scotland.

Wingspan 30-40mm

Larval Food Plants
The larva are marked with red and yellow with a characteristic tall 'hump' on its back, near to the head.

Habitat Requirements

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Where to see the Grey Dagger in Warwickshire

Grey DaggerGrey Dagger © Steven Cheshire

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