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Moths - White-marked (Cerastis leucographa)

Wingspan approx 34-38mm.

The first White-marked for Warwickshire was caught in the spring of 2010 by David Brown. During the same night Alan Prior and Martin Kennard caught six more individuals during a moth night event at Whichford Wood.

Larval Food Plants
Larvae not yet found in the wild but have been reared in captivity from the eggs of a captured female on sallow (Salix) and various other herbaceous plants.

Habitat Requirements
Occurs in scattered woodland localities in England and in Wales. An early spring species on the wing during March and April. It is attracted to light and also visits sallow blossom.

Warwickshire Status

Where to see the White-marked in Warwickshire

Whichford Wood is the only know location for this moth in Warwickshire

White-markedWhite-marked © Charles Fletcher

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