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Records and Recording - First Sightings 2017

The table below lists the earliest sightings of resident and regular migrant butterfly species known to occur in Warwickshire in 2017 as submitted on the Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire web site reporting page.

These first sightings are gathered as the butterfly season progresses so as to provide up-to-date information about species emergence. They are not reviewed retrospectively by reference to transect data or distribution records and therefore represent what we believed to be the first report of a species at the time rather than a comprehensive analysis of the actual first dates recorded in a particular year.

The butterfly species are listed in order of reported sighting date, with the latest species sighting at the top of the list.
You can also view all of our first sightings data for all butterfly species since 2007.

Date Species Location Observer
21/05/2017 Wood White Ryton Wood Meadows Mike Slater
07/05/2017 Small Heath Kingsbury/Bubbenhall Andy Barnsley/Richard Web
06/05/2017 Common Blue Fenny Compton Tunnels Lin Chapman
04/05/2017 Small Blue Southam Bypass North Mike Slater
22/04/2017 Grizzled Skipper Bishop's Hill Martin Kennard
20/04/2017 Dingy Skipper Bishops Bowl Mike Slater
15/04/2017 Green Hairstreak Ryton Wood Meadow Mike Slater
02/04/2017 Holly Blue Leamington Spa & Bedwort R. Dinsdale, I. Gray & E.
02/04/2017 Small Copper Bedworth Eleanor Sutton
02/04/2017 Small White Weddington, Nuneaton / The Noo Alvin Burton / Eleanor Su
01/04/2017 Green-veined White Temple Balsall Churchyard Adrian Smith
30/03/2017 Orange-tip Fenny Compton Tunnel Bank Nigel Kitely
26/03/2017 Speckled Wood Kenilworth Keith Deane
15/03/2017 Large White Bidford on Avon Ann Hand
15/03/2017 Painted Lady Packwood Adrian Smith
06/03/2017 Comma Ryton Wood Meadows M. Slater
07/02/2017 Red Admiral The Raywoods, Nuneaton J Liggins & A Burton
01/02/2017 Peacock Packwood Adrian Smith
24/01/2017 Brimstone Bishop's Bowl M. Slater
01/01/2017 Small Tortoiseshell Hampton Lucy Church John Carter

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