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Use our online form.
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Your Articles and News

Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire has a thriving and active membership involved in a wide range of activities relating to the conservation of butterflies, moths and their habitats.

If you are involved in conserving or recording butterflies, moths and their habitats in the Warwickshire and Solihull area and have a news story or article you would like to share, we would love to hear from you.

You can post short messages and sighting alerts to our Twitter account (see right) or submit photographs and articles for inclusion in our branch annual magazine or web site. We also publish news items and articles on our news page.

2011 Magazine by Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire.Annual Branch Magazine Articles

Our Branch Magazine is published at the end of February each year.

Past articles have included subjects as diverse as 'bagworms', field craft lessons, butterfly photography, trip reports, pheromone lures, moth trapping, rearing techniques, and conservation reviews alongside highlights of the year such as new species discoveries and observations of rare migrant moths and butterflies.

Copy Deadline - 20th December 2019 for inclusion in next magazine which is published in February 2020 .

Send your articles and news to...

Please send your articles/photos including captions to
Debbie and Steven Cheshire, Warwickshire Branch Magazine Editors

By post to: 33 Ventnor Street, Weddington, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 0BS

You can also email Steven Cheshire or Debbie Cheshire via our contact form
and they will get back to you and provide an email address to which you can send your article.

Submission guidelines: please send your text in a Microsoft Word format and include any picture captions etc. Photographs and illustrations should be supplied as separate jpeg files.

Please note: we cannot guarantee inclusion of your article in any specific publication. The editors reserve the right to make alterations to your article in order to optimise the space available.