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Butterflies - Dark Green Fritillary (Argynnis aglaja)

Although this large powerful butterfly is one of the UK's most widespread Fritillaries, its is rarely encountered in Warwickshire.

The uppersides are a golden orange-brown colour with a pattern of black spots and crescents. The females tend to be paler in colour. Its name is derived from the colouration of the underside of its wings which a green leading to pale yellow-brown with pure white spots.

During hot sunny days, the males fly constantly in search of females displaying a distinctive flight pattern of rapid wing beats followed by a fast smooth glide.

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Common Dog-violet (Viola riviniana)
Hairy Violet (Viola hirta)
Marsh Violet (Viola palustris)

The Dark Green Fritillary can be found in a range of flower-rich grasslands with patches of scrub. Occasional sightings in the region are the result of vagrants. As such, it is one of our rarest butterflies with only one known breeding site at Oxhouse Farm.

Resident in Warwickshire.

Oxhouse Farm (private site)
Fossedene Meadows (private site)

Anyone wishing to visit Oxhouse Farm to see the Dark Green Fritillary should be aware that YOU REQUIRE PERMISSION TO WALK IN THE MEADOWS. The butterfly can be seen from the public footpath which runs through the meadow. We politely request that you do not stray into the meadow without permission from the land owners.

In the interest of the butterflies and this important habitat, Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire and the Neal Trust would like to thank you for your co-operation on this matter.

Find out more about the Dark Green Fritillary online at the following links;

Flight Chart
The flight chart below is based on observations of the adult Dark Green Fritillary butterfly in Warwickshire between 2005 and 2008. Peak periods are shown in dark green.

Dark Green Fritillary Flight Chart

Distribution Maps

Dark Green Fritillary - 2011 records / distribution. Dark Green Fritillary - 2010 records / distribution. Dark Green Fritillary - 2000 to 2009 records / distribution.
2011 (1yr) 2010 (1yr) 2000-09 (10yr)

Dark Green FritillaryDark Green Fritillary © Debbie Cheshire - Smardale Gill, Cumbria

Annual First Sightings
First sighting dates are based on records of Dark Green Fritillary submitted online. Please note that these dates are not updated retrospectively to include records submitted to the branch recorder in other forms.

11/06/2018 Fossedene Manor

14/06/2017 Fossedene Manor

21/06/2016 Harbury North

10/06/2015 Fossedean Manor

13/06/2014 Harbury Spoilbank (Transect)

01/07/2013 Harbury Spoilbank South

01/07/2012 Oxhouse Farm

10/06/2011 Oxhouse Farm

20/06/2010 Oxhouse Farm

14/06/2009 Fossedene Meadows

01/07/2008 Oxhouse Farm

08/07/2007 Oxhouse Farm

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