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Grid Reference Generator


Drag the red marker to display the grid reference for your location. The grid references will appear in the column on the right, with correspondingly coloured grid squares on the map. Press the 'satellite' button to turn on the aerial photos, or 'hybrid' for aerial photo with map overlay.

Use the + and - buttons (top left) to zoom in and out, and the arrows to pan. You can also click and drag with your mouse.



Many thanks go to Keith Balmer for sharing the code for this mapping tool originally used on the excellent Bedfordshire Natural History Society web site. The javascript in this application is released under the GNU General Public License Version 2.

Grid References

When submitting records using our online recording form, please ensure you provide a six figure grid reference which covers a 100m2 survey area.

Your six figure (100m square) grid reference is;



Other grid reference options are shown below;

10m square (8 figure grid ref)


1km square (4 figure grid ref)


2km square (2 figure grid ref)


10km square (2 figure grid ref)




Marker Controls

Find a Location

Enter a grid ref without spaces (e.g. SP376726) which is the location of our Ryton Wood Meadows Reserve.