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Ryton Wood Meadows - Fungi

Our reserve supports several species of fungi. The following surveys were conducted by John and Val Roberts.

Bulgaria inquinans
Collbia butyracea
Coprinus comatus
Daedaleopsis confragosa
Hebeloma incrustuliniforme
Lepista personata
Paneolus semiovatus
Sebacina incrustans
Stereum hirsutum
Stropharia pseudocyanea
Nostoc commune
(an algae)

Bjerkandera adusta
Coriolus versicolor
Galerina sp.
Lepista personata
Psathyrella hydrophila
Stereum gausapartum
Tubaria furfuracea

Working in Partnership

Working in Partnership with LaFargeBarclaysNatural England
Warwickshire Wildlife Trust
Butterfly Conservation

The Ryton Wood Meadows Reserve is owned by LaFarge and managed by Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire.

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