Warwickshire's Butterflies - LBAP Species

Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP) Species for Warwickshire Coventry and Solihull were selected based on the following criteria.

  • Species on the United Kingdom Steering Group report listed as being internationally or nationally threatened
  • Keystone species for which management action will benefit several associated species
  • Cultural value, or locally characteristic. Includes species which are familiar to local people
  • Scarcity. Species which are locally/nationally scarce or declining. Especially if the species "should" be more widespread locally
  • Specific action needed over and above general habitat conservation
  • In rapid decline locally

If you would like to read the species action plans, please visit the Local Biodiversity Action Plan pages hosted by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

The species numbers provided follow Agassiz (2013) which supersedes the numbering scheme originally published by Bradley and Fletcher (1979).

Butterfly Species with Local Biodiversity Action Plans

Of the 27 species currently on the Local Biodiversity Action Plan list, three are butterflies and they are shown below. The Small Blue is also listed as a United Kingdom Biodiversity Action Plan Priority Species.

Dingy Skipper


Erynnis tages
57.001 (LBAP)
Wood White


Leptidea sinapis
58.001 (LBAP)
Small Blue


Cupido minimus
61.010 (LBAP/UKBAP)