Butterfly Recording

The majority of butterfly records* for Warwickshire, Coventry, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield come from casual observers and dedicated volunteers who submit their sightings via our online recording form. Anyone can submit their butterfly sightings. Garden observations as well as observations in the wider countryside are welcome, so long as the observations occur within our region. Other forms of recording include butterfly transect surveys, species timed counts and wider countryside surveys.

*All records submitted are processed and checked for errors by the website administrators before the data is submitted to Butterfly Conservation at the end of the season. Records awaiting verification will not be shown here until they have been verified.

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       09-08-2022 at School Lane, Shuttington submitted by Diana L.

       09-08-2022 at Mayswood submitted by Tara Higgs.

       09-08-2022 at Grove Rd, Knowle submitted by L Brace.

       09-08-2022 at Wagon Lane park Solihull submitted by Neil Freeman.

       09-08-2022 at Langley Hall Park Olton submitted by Neil Freeman.

       08-08-2022 at Diamond Jubilee Wood submitted by Angela Newhouse.

       08-08-2022 at Grove Rd, Knowle submitted by L Brace.

       08-08-2022 at Stratford upon Avon CV37 9PU submitted by Neumoegeni.

       08-08-2022 at Ryton Wood Meadows submitted by Mike Slater.

       08-08-2022 at Weston Wood submitted by Mike Slater.


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Annual Report 2018

Our Annual Report includes butterfly and moth survey data collected by hundreds of volunteers and enthusiasts during the previous year. Published spring 2019.