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The following items are published by Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire. Every member of the branch recieves a copy of our Annual Report as part of their membership subscription.

Our Annual Reports are only available to members of the Warwickshire branch of Butterfly Conservation. Please login to your Gatekeeper account here to access our annual report archive. Don't have a Gatekeeper account? Not a member? Join here!

Our annual report provides a regular update on the state of butterflies and moths in our region using data submited by countless volunteers. Published in the spring of each year, it also includes short articles about butterflies, moths, their habitats and conservation issues.

Please contact Keith Warmington for details of how to submit your article.
Copy Deadline - 20th December 2022.

Published once a year, hard copies or our annual moth report is distributed to those individuals actively involved in moth recording in the Warwickshire region. Digital copies of our annual moth report are available to download below. The branch holds regular moth trapping and recording sessions across Warwickshire. Some of these sessions can be attended by the general public and these are listed on our events page. Other sessions are held on private or sensitive sites where the public does not have access.

Warwickshire's Butterflies:
Their Habitats and Where to Find Them

by Keith Warmington and Margaret Vickery

  • Paperback: 86 pages
  • Publisher: Warwickshire Branch of Butterfly Conservation
  • Date Published: June 2003
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0954470109
  • ISBN-13: 978-0954470104
  • Dimensions: 24.8 x 19.6 x 0.6 cm

The Larger Moths of Warwickshire

by David C. G. Brown

  • Hardback: 382 pages
  • Publisher: Atropos Publishing
  • Date Published: 18th May 2006
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0955108616
  • ISBN-13: 978-0955108617

Learning and Field Skills

Information about how to find key Warwickshire species and research.

A series of butterfly species field craft lessons by Mike Slater (MS) and Steve Cheshire (SC).

1 - Finding White Admiral Eggs (MS)

2 - Finding Grizzled Skipper Eggs (MS)

3 - The Purple Emperor (MS)

4 - Finding Dingy Skipper Eggs (MS)

5 - How to find Small Blue Colonies (MS)

6 - Finding White-letter Hairstreak Eggs (SC) file missing!!

7 - The Common Blue and Brown Argus (SC) file missing!!

Creating improved habitat for the Dingy Skipper 2008

In 2008, 1358 pieces of broken slabs were placed in the Birds-foot Trefoil rich meadow 1 at Ryton Wood Meadows Reserve to create abundant egg laying sites for the Dingy Skipper

Creating improved habitat for the Dingy Skipper - Ova Deposition Report 2008

Grizzled Skipper Habitat Report 2007

Creation of a dry-stone wall to create egg laying habitat for Grizzled Skipper Pyrgus malvae at Ryton Wood Meadows Butterfly Conservation Reserve, Warwickshire, England by Mike Slater.

Grizzled Skipper Habitat Report 2007

Published in Conservation Evidence (2007) 4, 35–40

Species and Habitats

The following items relate to regional conservation measures to protect butterflies, moths and their habitats in our region inlcuding regional action plans and Local Biodiversity action plans.

Warwickshire Biodiversity Action Plans (LBAP) for Species

The Warwickshire Biodiversity Action Plans for species can be found on the Warwickshire Wildlife Trusts Local Biodiversity Action Plan web page. For further information on a national scale, visit the United Kingdom Biodiversity Action Plan website.

West Midlands Regional Action Plan

2008 West Midlands Regional Action Plan

This document provides a snapshot of the current status of butterflies and moths in the West Midlands, Birmingham & Black Country, Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Herefordshire, Shropshire and Warwickshire.

A series of fact sheets produced by Butterfly Conservation with input by Warwickshire Branch.

Butterfly Banks

Butterfly Scrapes

Seeding and Plug Planting

Woodland Scallops

The State of Britains Butterflies and Moths Reports

Template Documents

Field Trip Report - Reporting Template Available Soon.
View existing Field Trip Reports here.