Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Boloria euphrosyne (59.0140)

The Pearl-bordered Fritillary became extinct in Warwickshire in 1969. It was once thought to be abundant in the larger Woodlands of the region but had all but disappeared by the early 1960's

In 2012, the Pearl-bordered Fritillary appeared at Ryton Wood due to an un-sanctioned re-introduction. It has since established itself at Pagets Pool and parts of Ryton Wood and Ryton Wood Meadow Butterfly Conservation Reserve.

Habitat Requirements

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Larval Foodplants

The larval foodplants are common dog violet (Viola riviniana), heath dog violet (Viola canina) and marsh violet (Viola palustris).

Historic Records in Warwickshire

  • 1968: Oakley Wood - the last confirmed sighting of this species in Warwickshire
  • 1960: Four, possibly five at Bubbenhall Wood (Lesley Moore).
  • 1939: Four plus at Bubbenhall Wood (Lesley Moore).

In the afternoon I went to Bubbenhall glade. Here I took four Pearl-bordered Fritillaryies (sic) and could have caught many more, being more about than usual.

Pleased to see four or five at Bubbenhall Wood, as I feared them to be extinct after the felling.

Distribution in Warwickshire

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Distribution of the Pearl Bordered Fritillary 1995-2004 inclusive


Distribution of the Pearl Bordered Fritillary 2005-2009 inclusive


Distribution of the Pearl Bordered Fritillary 2010-2014 inclusive


Distribution of the Pearl Bordered Fritillary 2015-2019 inclusive


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