Purple Hairstreak

Favonius quercus (61.0040)

Although this butterfly is described as being quite common in favourable locations, its habit of living high in the tree canopy means it is rarely encountered. You will sometimes see this butterfly feeding on honeydew deposited by aphids lower down, especially during long hot summers and it can be reliably encountered in the morning below Oak trees as the adults emerge from their chrysalis.

Look around the tops of Oak trees (even isolated Oaks may support a small colony) during the flight period where you may see several in flight. Binoculars recommended!!

Habitat Requirements

The Purple Hairstreak is found in woodland where Oak trees occur. It is also possible for a single Oak tree with no other woodland around to support small colonies. Disused railway lines where semi-mature Oaks exist can also support colonies of this small and elusive butterfly.

Larval Foodplants

The larvae of the Purple Hairstreak feed on Oak (Quercus).

Distribution in Warwickshire

See maps below. Distribution text required.

Distribution of the Purple Hairstreak 1995-2004 inclusive


Distribution of the Purple Hairstreak 2005-2009 inclusive


Distribution of the Purple Hairstreak 2010-2014 inclusive


Distribution of the Purple Hairstreak 2015-2019 inclusive


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