Small Heath

Coenonympha pamphilus (59.005)

The Small Heath rarely settles more than a meter above ground. They are most often seen flying low to the ground among grass in sunshine. It always settles with Its wings closed. Adult butterflies may be seen continuously from late April to September on some sites in southern England but numbers peak throughout the UK in July and August.

Habitat Requirements

The Small Heath occurs on grassland where there are fine grasses, especially in dry, well-drained situations where the sward is short and sparse and there area areas of bare earth. Populations occur in many other locations including roadside verges, waste ground, woodland rides and glades, moorland, and parkland.

Larval Foodplants

The larvae of the Small Heath feed on a variety of fine grasses including Fescues (Festuca spp.), Meadow-grasses (Poa spp) and Bents (Agrostis spp.).

Distribution in Warwickshire

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